What Are the Advantages of Vacuum Sealing Foods?

Apr. 06, 2022

With a professional vacuum sealer, up to 99.8% of air can be extracted from food, food packaging and vacuum chambers.

Longer shelf life is one of them, but there are many more factors at play when considering the purchase of an industrial model. Slaughterhouses and supermarkets handle large volumes of meals and ingredients every day. To ensure that they are transported and stored in the most efficient and safe manner, vacuum packaging is unavoidable. There are many benefits of vacuum-packed food products. SHENGMAO presents them to you.

Optimize storage and transportation

Optimize the use of your valuable storage space and truck space, by stacking different foods together, you can efficiently use all available shelves. No damage to your products, no cross-contamination or odors! For example, extending the shelf life of your products allows you to buy large quantities of seasonal products, resulting in improved portion control.

Vacuum sealed bags prevent cross-contamination of your products due to external influences and increase food safety. In addition to preventing cross-contamination, they also protect food from atmospheric dehydration, freeze burns and mold. You then have the ability to let your products ripen without loss of quality or aroma.

What Are the Advantages of Vacuum Sealing Foods?

HACCP compliant

From purchase and preparation to presentation. Vacuum packaging always ensures optimal food freshness and professional presentation. Other important aspects are the health and safety standards you must comply with.

Vacuum Low Temperature Cooking

Cooking or cryogenic cooking offers several advantages in terms of food quality and organizational benefits. By using a SHENGMAO vacuum packaging machine, you can ensure that your food is properly vacuum-packed, so you can safely start and prepare food and meals with the vacuum low-temperature cooking method.

Make sure you follow the latest regulatory requirements and only use quality vacuum packaging machines for your professional applications.

Vacuum Sealer

Due to the realities of Covid-19, more and more food and take-out food is being offered by delivery services. With your vacuum sealer, you can guarantee safe delivery of your vacuum-packed products. By using a vacuum sealer, you can not only seal freshness, but also seal the product against tampering.

What Are the Advantages of Vacuum Sealing Foods?

Vacuum Sausage Filler

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