Semi-automatic Clipper

A semi-automatic clipper is a device used in the food processing industry to seal the ends of sausage casings, netting, or bags with metal clips. These machines are essential for producing sausages, processed meats, and other packaged food products efficiently and consistently.

Features of a Semi-Automatic Clipper


● Semi-Automatic: Combines manual and automatic processes. Operators typically position the casing or bag and activate the clipping mechanism.


● Material: Usually made from stainless steel to ensure durability and hygiene.

● Design: Compact and ergonomic to fit in various production environments and reduce operator fatigue.

Clipping Mechanism:

● Clips: Uses metal clips, often aluminum or stainless steel, to securely seal the casing or bag.

● Clipping Speed: Offers quick clipping action to increase production efficiency.

● Clip Size: Can be adjusted to accommodate different clip sizes and strengths, depending on the product requirements.

Control and Adjustment:

● Control Panel: Includes buttons or switches to start and stop the machine, adjust clip pressure, and select clip size.

● Adjustments: Allows for fine-tuning of the clipping process to ensure a secure seal without damaging the casing or product.

Safety Features:

● Safety Guards: Protect operators from moving parts.

● Emergency Stop: Easily accessible emergency stop button to halt operations immediately in case of an issue.

Semi-automatic Clipping Machine Applications

Sausage Production:

Sealing the ends of natural, collagen, or cellulose casings filled with sausage mix.

Suitable for various sausage types such as bratwurst, chorizo, and hot dogs.

Processed Meats:

Clipping casings or bags for hams, salami, and other processed meat products.


Sealing bags containing other food products like cheese, spices, and pre-cooked meals.

Non-Food Applications:

Clipping netting or bags for packaging non-food items such as garden products or industrial components. For example, Mesh Bag Clipping Machine.

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