The Ultimate Natural Sausage Casing Type Guide

Jun. 01, 2022

The key to having the perfect sausage is not just the ingredients or the process. There's also something very important called the "casing" that holds the filling together for you to enjoy. After all, sausages are not sausages without something to stuff them in.

Of course, they are not only used to compact the ingredients and hold them together, but they are also responsible for ensuring that the sausage is delicious and well textured, depending on the type of casing you use or the processing technique applied.

The Ultimate Natural Sausage Casing Type Guide

Natural casings

Natural casings are made from the submucosa of the small intestine, which is the intestinal layer made up of natural collagen. They have been used for a long time and are still the most popular choice today because they are also flexible, soft, easy to fill, and durable enough to withstand smoking treatments.

Your natural casings will be packaged in a salt or brine solution. Sausage casings packed in salt must be rinsed and then soaked overnight prior to filling. Pre-rinsed casings can be filled after soaking in warm water for 20 minutes. Both can be repacked with salt and stored in the refrigerator for up to one year. Please follow manufacturer SHENGMAO to see more.

Pig intestine casings

They are made from the intestines of pigs and they provide a very meaty flavor to sausages. They are also the traditional choice when making any type of link sausage (e.g. chorizo, italian, kielbasa, etc.).

Sheep sausage casings

They tend to be smaller than other types of natural casings and are used to make small sausages or thin sausages. Smaller diameter sheep casings are great for making small connected sausages such as breakfast sausages and hot dogs, as well as snack bars.

The Ultimate Natural Sausage Casing Type Guide

Beef sausage casings

These are very durable and can be very large and can be used for a variety of large sausages or pepperoni. Beef rounds are named for their distinctive round shape. They are extremely low in fat and are perfect for fresh, cooked or smoked sausages.

Beef Middles

These straight, long casings have a heavier textured wall and some fat. These casings are ideal for dry sausages and semi-dry sausages such as salami, Liverwurst, Bologna sausages or summer sausages.

Cattle Stuffing Caps

Cow stuffing is a large diameter casings made from the end of the large intestine of cattle and is commonly used in large Bologna, head cheese, souse, capicola and Italian sausages.

The Ultimate Natural Sausage Casing Type Guide

Now that we have discovered a variety of natural casings, usually they are edible. And SHENGMAO manufactures different kinds of artificial casings, please visit our website to see them, we welcome your inquiry.