A Guide to Reusable Produce Packaging Bags

May. 24, 2022

When dealing with the single-use plastic bag problem, it's not just plastic shopping bags that we want to replace with better, reusable alternatives. Plastic produce bags (the extremely thin, colorless, clear bags we see in supermarket fruit and vegetable aisles) are just as problematic - difficult to recycle, difficult to reuse and a huge source of trash.

Fortunately, now. I wanted to share some alternatives to single-use plastic bags, the pros and cons of different options, and some things you might want to consider.

A Guide to Reusable Produce Packaging Bags

Fruit vegetable mesh net bag

Homemade vs. purchased

Homemade is always cheaper and allows you to choose the exact size you need. If you want bags that last and don't require constant repair, an overlocker usually produces better (and longer lasting) results than a regular sewing machine.

The other side of homemade is that you need to use a sewing machine and know how to sew. If you do know how to sew, then making bags makes great gifts.

Choosing a fabric type

Different fabrics have different properties. In practice, it can be useful to set different types for different things.

Mesh bags

Mesh bags for fruits and vegetables are used to store items. Our pp mesh bags are available in different sizes to meet customer needs, and they are reusable and very environmentally friendly; they can be used in kitchens and refrigerators to maximize space saving and extend the life of vegetables and fruits; thanks to the double stitching and sturdy seam and drawstring design, the fruit and vegetable bags are lightweight, durable, foldable and easy to carry.

A Guide to Reusable Produce Packaging Bags

PET plastic mesh bags

Some people don't like the idea of going plastic-free and then buying reusable ones made of plastic. When I first gave up plastic in 2012, I was the same way. But then I read a little more and adjusted my opinion.

If we stopped using plastic today and stopped making anything else out of plastic, there would still be plenty of plastic. I call it conventional plastic. From a resource perspective, it makes sense to use it to make resources rather than leave it sitting somewhere forever.

Cotton product bags

Cotton bags are great for all the things that mesh bags are not: powders and flours. I have a set made from old bed sheets. The beauty of these is that they can be easily repaired and composted at the end of their life.

New reusable cotton produce bags can be purchased: I recommend you check your local bulk store as they often stock them.

I always recommend that you support your local brick and mortar store whenever possible, but if that is not an option, they can easily be found online.

A Guide to Reusable Produce Packaging Bags

Other options

Before rushing out to buy something new, think about what you may already have at home. Many bulk stores accept glass jars for refills, so if feasible, consider using jars rather than bags. Pillowcases make a great cotton bread bag. Laundry bags are a mesh alternative to mesh production bags - they are absolutely machine washable.

If you decide to buy something, make sure it is something you will use. Reusable stuff that sits in the back of the cupboard is not a good use of resources!

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