Why We Use Vacuum Packaging for Food?

Jun. 16, 2022

A vacuum packaging machine is a device used to remove air from a package before it is sealed. This is an ideal way to store and preserve food because the removal of oxygen greatly prevents the growth of bacteria. These machines are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, especially in the food retail, food service and processing sectors.

Let's take a look at the benefits of having vacuum food packaging bags.

Extend the shelf life

Vacuum packaging helps to extend the life of various food products such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, processed foods, etc. Compared to traditional storage methods, vacuum packaging can preserve food up to 3-5 times longer. It reduces the growth of aerobic bacteria, molds and fungi, as the lack of oxygen inhibits their growth cycle and proliferation. Thanks to this ingenious invention, food can be stored for long periods of time and processed foods can be easily transported over long distances with minimal risk of food spoilage.

Suitable for low-temperature cooking

Vacuum sealed bags are best suited for vacuum low-temperature cooking. No matter what you want to cook under vacuum, it is essential to place the food in a vacuum-sealed bag. This helps prevent the food package from breaking, expanding or spoiling during the vacuum cryogenic cooking process. Most importantly, vacuum-sealed bags work better than traditional zipper bags, which can expand and float to the surface with air during cooking, resulting in uneven cooking. Sometimes, ziplock bags can even leak and turn what should be a simple cooking process into a mess in the kitchen.   

Why We Use Vacuum Packaging for Food?

T100 multilayers vacuum skin film bags

Optimize storage

Foodservice operations need to have enough storage space to hold large quantities of ingredients. Therefore, vacuum packaging makes the most of storage space because all types of food can be efficiently stacked together instead of using containers that would take up a lot of space. In short, with vacuum packaging machines, food can be kept longer, resulting in better portion control and less food waste.

Improved food safety

Food oxidizes when it comes in contact with air. So with a vacuum packaging machine, food can remain safe and hygienic. In addition, vacuum packaging helps prevent the entry of moisture, dust and flies. Most importantly, food with gravy retains much of its freshness and originality. In addition, cross-contamination is avoided when poultry products are hygienically sealed in vacuum packaging. Vacuum-sealed food is not only resistant to outside elements, but also maintains its quality, including flavor, aroma, texture, appearance, and nutritional value.

HACCP compliant

It is the latest processing technology used to ensure that food products remain fresh and in optimal condition. Therefore, most consumers prefer to buy vacuum-packed products for hygienic and safety reasons, as vacuum packaging ensures the highest standards of food safety, freshness and flavor. In addition, most vacuum bags are transparent, allowing buyers to view and see the food they are buying. Therefore, as a food manufacturer, it is important to obtain a vacuum packaging machine that guarantees safety and meets HACCP standards. In general, vacuum packaging machines not only maintain the quality of the product, but also help improve the appearance of the product.

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Why We Use Vacuum Packaging for Food?