How Can Vacuum Packaging Extend the Food Shelf Life

Mar. 07, 2022

Food hygiene and safety has become a major concern in recent years. Many foods, whether natural foods such as vegetables, fruits and meats, or processed foods such as potato chips and candies, take some time to transport from the production plant to the supermarket, and if the outer packaging is damaged at this time, the food can easily deteriorate.

In order to preserve ingredients for a longer period of time, preservation technology is constantly improving. More common methods are filled with nitrogen in the bag of potato chips, but the disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space. There are also added food additives, which are easier and faster, although the health and safety of the food will be reduced.

Reasonable, all-natural preservative-free method is the vacuum preservation method. From grains and cereals, vegetables and fruits, seafood to pickled vegetables and snacks, vacuum preservation has become very common. So, what is the role of food vacuum packaging? The following sausage casing suppliers will tell you.


Perishable foods are caused by the growth and development of microbial strains. For most microbial strains (such as Aspergillus flavus and yeast), adequate oxygen is an important condition for survival. One of the main features of vacuum packaging is the requirement The oxygen bottle in the bag and the body cells in the food are taken away, so that the microbial strains lose the natural environment for survival, thus extending the storage time of the food.

According to information and research, when the oxygen bottle concentration value in the packaging bag ≤ 1%, the growth and development of microbial strains and reproduction rate suddenly decreased, the oxygen bottle concentration value ≤ 0.5%, most of the microbial strains will be terminated reproduction. Breeding. However, vacuum packaging can not inhibit the propagation of anaerobic bacterial infection and enzyme reflection caused by food discoloration. It also needs to be combined with other auxiliary tools, such as freezing, refrigeration, drying, autoclaving, irradiation, etc. The close combination of bacteria, microwave sterilization, salting, etc. can make the actual effect of refrigerated ingredients stronger and longer storage time. Therefore, we can put the food in the vacuum Mepi bag to achieve the effect of freshness in life.

How Can Vacuum Packaging Extend the Food Shelf Life

In addition to the often stated ability to inhibit the growth and development and reproduction of microbial species, another key role of vacuum preservation is to avoid the oxidation of food by air. Vegetable oils and fats contain large amounts of fatty acids. In the presence of oxygen, they are easily oxidized by air. It makes the taste and metamorphosis of the ingredients more than the vacuum packaging of sausage casings; in addition, air oxidation also destroys vitamin A and vitamin C. The uneven melanin chemicals in the ingredients are also affected by oxygen, making the hue darker. Therefore, vacuum packaging can reasonably avoid food coloring and mildew, and maintain its shape, aroma, flavor and nutrients!

People promote the use of vacuum to preserve food ingredients, block gas germs, deal with spoilage, decay and germs, and deal with food and healthy storage in a healthy environment, while also reducing waste caused by improper storage.

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