Wide Application Of Sausage Clipper

Sep. 30, 2018

The Sausage Clipper tells you that the U-shaped buckle is widely used. Maybe many people don't know what the buckle is. In fact, everyone has seen it, but I don't know the name. In fact, the application of the buckle is more extensive. It is mainly used for the packaging process of high-temperature meat foods, which can effectively ensure the storage performance of the sealing process medium, and plays an important role in food packaging. The buckle is generally used together with the card double card sealing machine, and can be used for both ends of the ham sausage, the sealant, the explosive sealing package, etc., and its function is to fasten the specified type of Great Wall buckle at both ends of the sealing process. The sealing of the buckle is sufficient to ensure the storage performance of the medium to be sealed. In addition, the hog Ring Fastener Clips can also be matched with the German PO card punching machine, all technical indicators are more than the same level of imported products, can meet the needs of various punching machines, complete model specifications.

Sausage Clipper