Tipper Tie Clips Has Good Versatility

Sep. 21, 2018

The Tipper Tie Clips position provides a convenient and quick and economical method of assembling the product, because the combined part of the buckle is formed at the same time when the finished product is produced, and the assembly does not need to be matched with other locking accessories such as screws and mesons, as long as the combination is required. The buckles on both sides can be interlocked with each other. Although the design of the buckle can have a variety of geometric shapes, the operation principle is basically the same: when two parts are buckled, the hook-shaped extension of one of the parts is pushed away by the edge portion of the connected part. Until the end of the hitting edge is completed; and then, by the elasticity of the plastic, the hook-shaped extension is immediately reset, and the groove behind it is immediately embedded by the striking portion of the connected part, and the inverted position is immediately formed. The state of being interlocked with each other.

The hog ring fastener clips is generally applicable to the packaging process of anchoring agent and ham sausage. The buckle can be used smoothly on any manufacturer card machine, and plays a very important role in product packaging.

The card double card sealing machine is widely used for both ends of ham sausage, sealant, explosive sealing package, and other special equipment for sealing process. Its function is to fasten the buckle of the specified model at both ends of the sealing process.

The snap fit is tight enough to ensure the storage performance of the media to be sealed, and the snap and card double card sealer are essential equipment for food processing plants.

Tipper Tie Clips