Why Vacuum Seal? Uses, Tips and Benefits

Jul. 01, 2022

If you're not familiar with vacuum sealing or are looking for new ways to use vacuum sealed products, then you've come to the right place. There are many amazing benefits to using a vacuum sealer, including long term preservation and protection of food. SHENGMAO has you covered.

Why Vacuum Seal? Uses, Tips and Benefits

1. Prevents Frostbite

Vacuum sealing food prevents freeze burns and dehydration. Freeze burns occur when air comes in contact with the crystal surrounding the food. Vacuum sealing helps prevent this by preventing air from coming into contact with food. Freezer burn is not harmful to your health, however, it can ruin the flavor and texture of your food.

2. Longer life

Lack of air exposure also allows for longer preservation and protection in the refrigerator or cupboard. Vacuum sealing preserves food by inhibiting the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria. This is useful when buying seasonal items and perishable foods such as vegetables, lettuce and meat. It is also useful for nuts, pasta, crackers and other foods that will soften/deteriorate when exposed to oxygen and moisture in the air.

3. Year-round freshness

Another important use for vacuum sealing is to store seasonal items, such as tomatoes or berries, for winter use. This way, you can have items year-round and they taste very fresh during the off-season.

4. Increase cupboard space

Whether in the pantry or in the refrigerator and freezer, food space can determine what's on hand. By vacuum sealing items and stacking or setting them aside, it can save space for more food items like cans and boxes.

5. Improved taste

Another great benefit of vacuum sealing is that it can be used to marinate and season foods to add flavor. Add marinades or seasonings to chicken, fish or beef and vacuum seal for a quick, amazing way to enhance your cooking experience.

6. Save money on bulk

There's no doubt that buying home-packaged or bulk foods will give you value for money. With the vacuum seal section, you can save your family a lot of money all year round.

7. Reduce waste

Sometimes we plan to buy in bulk to save money and end up with food freezers that get burned or forgotten in the freezer. By vacuum sealing excess food and leftovers, you not only save extra money, but you reduce waste by eating that food! In addition, it reduces packaging waste from not having to buy more packaged items.

8. No chemical preservatives

You can buy fresh and then choose which spices and marinades (or plain) to put in the vacuum seal. This eliminates unwanted chemicals and preservatives from the food. 

9. Fast and efficient

Save your time (and money ...... or even your waistline) by preparing food by vacuum sealing it into healthy portions or ready-to-eat leftovers.


More uses for the vacuum sealer:

Pre-cut vegetables

Preserve bread and crackers

Meal preparation

Portion control

Bulk buying

Vacuum low temperature cooking method

Display cases, displays (commercial)

Emergency items



Out-of-season clothes

Blankets, sheets, pillowcases


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message. We have sausage casings and clips and vacuum filling machines for sale, too, we welcome your inquiries.

Why Vacuum Seal? Uses, Tips and Benefits