Vacuum Sealer Work and Vacuum Bag Expansion Handling

Dec. 21, 2021

SHENGMAO is a professional manufacturer of vacuum packaging bags, we also provide solutions for vacuum packaging machines. This article introduces you how we can deal with vacuum packaging bags if air leakage occurs?

Vacuum sealers for industrial grade use are well designed. Vacuum sealers are sometimes equipped with conveyors and operators to make the function run smoothly. However, the general function of a vacuum sealer is simple.

The most convenient vacuum sealer for home use is the handheld vacuum sealer. A valve in the bag removes the pressure. Handheld vacuum sealers are inexpensive and small. However, they are not as powerful as their industrial grade counterparts. These vacuum sealers have less power.

Let's take a look at some of the common types of vacuum sealers used on a commercial scale.

1. Chamber vacuum sealers: These are powerful machines for sealing beer and powdered items.

2. Chamberless vacuum sealers: Vacuum sealers are used for pouches and bags.

Vacuum Sealer Work and Vacuum Bag Expansion Handling

Why does the bag expand and leak when frozen raw meat is put into the vacuum bag? The problem is in the sterilization process. Insufficient disinfection time, substandard temperature and uneven temperature can easily lead to the residue and breeding of microorganisms. With the generation of gas in the vacuum bag, there will be the problem of bag expansion.

Let's look at how to disinfect the vacuum packaging bags.

1. Check the time and temperature of high-temperature disinfection. Disinfection time is not enough, the temperature is not up to standard, the temperature is not uniform, easy to cause microbial residues and reproduction. As a result, microorganisms will decompose the organic matter in the food and produce gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. If there is gas in the vacuum bag, the problem of bag expansion will occur. Now most of the bagging problems in the food industry are not related to the sterilization temperature.

2. Timely sterilization is possible after vacuum sealing. Products can be sterilized in time after vacuum sealing, which is beneficial to the smooth circulation of products. Strictly follow the operating procedures of the disinfection process and improve the control, maintenance and quality control skills of the operators to avoid secondary contamination of the finished products.

3. Regularly check the operational performance of the disinfection machine. Disinfection machines with problematic functions should be discarded or their causes should be strictly corrected. Therefore, check whether the temperature meets the standard before processing and production, and check the thermometer frequently.

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