How Do We Operate Sausage Filling Machines?

Dec. 06, 2021

Sausage is a food that is found at home or in restaurants, so how are these sausages made? This involves the use of an enema machine. Sausage clips manufacturer shows you its features.

Sausage is a long cylindrical tubular food made using very old food production and meat preservation techniques, where the meat of an animal is grated into strips and then filled into an intestinal coating. Sausages are made from small intestine casings (or large casings) of pigs or sheep, filled with seasoned meat ingredients and dried.

Chinese sausages have a long history, and there are many types of sausages, mainly sweet and spicy. In the past, sausages were made every year before the New Year, but now they can be eaten at any time of the year. Eating homemade sausage on New Year's Day has become a custom in many areas of the South and has been preserved until today. In the past, enemas were made by hand, but now, with the improvement of living standards, people rarely use traditional enemas anymore. A small enema machine can achieve all the operations, very simple.

Vacuum Sausage Filler

Vacuum Sausage Filler

The main function of sausage enema machine is to fill the modulated filling with different sizes of sausage casing into different sizes of sausage products. Sausage enema machine is made of stainless steel, beautiful and elegant, in line with food hygiene standards, with a simple structure, high degree of automation, advanced technology, stable performance, easy to operate, high efficiency, do not destroy the material composition, quality and freshness, etc.

Operation method.

1. Before turning on the machine, make sure to clean the funnel, enema tube, etc. You can adjust its filling speed by yourself, it can be widely used for filling various sausages and ham sausages.

2. Add the hopper with raw materials, start the power supply for 5 minutes, open the ball valve, manipulate the foot switch (rise) to make the piston rise to the highest position, then step on the down foot switch, as the piston falls, the raw materials in the hopper will be automatically sucked into the material cylinder, then put the sausage casing on the filling tube, then step on the up foot switch, the materials will be filled into the sausage casing, in order to cycle, you can work continuously filling. Note: The foot switch is stepped down and released to stop.

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