Sausage Clip Design

Oct. 24, 2019

When you mention the clips, everyone is strange, but everyone has eaten the ham! Do you know the closure at the ends of the ham? It is a sausage snap. In fact, the application of sausage clip is more extensive, it is mainly used for the packaging process of high temperature meat food, can effectively guarantee the storage performance of the sealing process medium, play an important role in food packaging, Let’s take a look at it as a Sausage Clip Factory.

The buckle mainly includes Great Wall buckle, edible mushroom buckle, color Great Wall card, Sausage U Clips, 121U type buckle, T100-U type buckle, U-shaped buckle-BU503, color U-shaped buckle, packaging Great Wall buckle, emulsion explosive buckle, ham Sausage clip, sealant buckle, fruit buckle and other buckles are generally applicable to the anchoring agent and ham sausage packaging process, the buckle can be used smoothly on any manufacturer card machine, in the product Packaging plays a very important role. Everyone knows that ham sausage is a kind of high-temperature food. If the sealing is not strict, or the food is up, it cannot be eaten. This involves the problem of food sealing. The buckle is widely used in food sealing. It is not only beautiful and practical, but also plays a key role in food preservation. Therefore, the buckle is widely used in food enterprises.

All sausage snaps are not designed to be sloppy because they are related to people's food safety and should be designed with the following in mind:

1. Choose the right amount of deformation. The sausage snaps are mounted by deformation and bounce of the fasteners. Too small deformation is easy to cause the installation is not strong; too much deformation can easily lead to installation difficulties or even installation, destroying the Sausage clip. It is important to choose the right amount of deformation.

2. When designing, pay attention to some obvious phenomena such as sound and feel changes when the Sausage clip is installed.

Semi-automatic Clipper

Semi-automatic Clipper

3. When designing, pay attention to the number of constrained Sausage clips, and there should be no over-constrained conditions. Too many constraints, high requirements on the machining accuracy of the parts. In the actual assembly process, it is easy to cause the installation to be out of place or not to be installed.

In short, Sausage clips are strictly required in design. Don't look down on small Sausage clips. It requires professional skills!

There is also a clipping machine that is used with the clip. The clipping machine is widely used in the ham sausage, sealant, explosive seal packaging, and other special equipment for sealing process, mainly manual and Semi-automatic Clipper. The function is to fasten the Sausage clip of the specified model at both ends of the sealing process. The Sausage clip has sufficient sealing property to ensure the storage performance of the medium to be sealed. The Sausage clip and the clipping machine are necessary equipments for the food processing factory. Therefore, the sealing performance of the buckle is sufficient to ensure the sealing. The storage performance of the medium to be sealed.

The above is about the role of Sausage clips and design related precautions. If you are interested in Sausage clips, you can contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of Sausage clips, which can provide you with high quality Sausage clips. There is also a clipping machine for use with the sausage clip, which will surely meet your needs.