Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buckles

Oct. 30, 2019

The buckle is a matching product of "ham sausage" and "anchor", which is used for sealing packaging of products. Taking full advantage of the product quality advantages that it has, it is a product sealing member widely used for product packaging and sealing. The buckles are divided into plastic buckles and Great Wall buckles according to the product selection materials. Sausage Clip Supplier can tell you that there are two main categories of sausage clips.

Permanent snaps or one-time mounting buckles are often used in disposable consumer products. These snaps are installed in the manufacturing process and never unpacked; repeated snaps are used on repeated applications such as caps and bottles. The cover will be repeatedly closed and closed, and it is also required to disassemble the car parts when repairing;

Both types of snap structures include some planning principles. A cantilever beam, the snap structure is axially inserted into the card slot of the mating component. A zigzag beam, a variant of a cantilever beam, that is, a cantilever beam.

Sausage Clip Manufacture Equipment

Sausage Clip Manufacture Equipment

The loop snap is a circular or elliptical joint that is used in, for example, a cap and a cap.

The ball snap snaps into a mating piece with a notch. Change the beam with shear to ensure its position is fixed.

The use of buckles is very extensive, and the looped buckles are commonly found in the lids of the lids and food boxes. The long buckle is used in the switch part of the leather bag or rucksack, and the U Type Sausage Speed Clips is also commonly used in the food industry.

The snap structure is beneficial to the manufacturing process. By reducing the number of parts, you can save on storage costs, save manpower, reduce inventory, reduce the number of suppliers, and reduce shipping costs and all costs associated with rated parts. It also saves installation time. However, the buckle structure is also more dependent on the previous planning than other processes. Incorrect snap structures may exhibit cracking during installation or even prior to installation. The special mold structure for the buckle position will add the mold making cost.

The buckle provides a convenient and quick and economical method of product installation, because the combination of the buckles is formed at the same time when the Sausage Clip Manufacture Equipment is used to produce the finished product, and it is not necessary to cooperate with other lock fittings such as screws and mesons. As long as the two buckles to be combined need to cooperate with each other.

Although the design of the buckle can have many shapes, the operation principle is basically the same: When two parts are buckled, the hook-shaped extension of one part is pushed away by the flange part of the connected part. Until the flange part is finished and stopped; by the elasticity of the plastic, the hook-shaped extension part is reset in real time, and the groove behind it is also embedded by the flange part of the contact part, and the reverse direction of the buckle is formed to be interlocked with each other. situation. The buckle is also known as the "card position". Because the buckles are formed with the product and do not need to be fitted during the installation: Additional materials, such as screw fasteners or adhesives, are a low-cost installation. Moreover, the installation process of the buckle is also very simple, generally only requires a piercing action, and does not need to be rotated or pre-installed product positioning work, fast and simple.

But it also has some drawbacks.

After the buckle device has been repeatedly loaded and removed, due to the fatigue effect, the part of the buckled bottom connection product is simply broken. The buckled device after the break is difficult to repair. This situation is particularly simple for the use of brittle or filled plastic parts. Because the buckle is part of the product part, the damage of the buckle is the damage of the product parts. The only way to make up is to replace the parts. In addition, the buckle is in the product design, especially in the public service control is more cautious, the public service is not easy to simply install the phenomenon of loose or too tight.