How To Buy A Suitable Manual Sealer?

Jul. 06, 2020

There is no expensive product, only the one that suits you is the best! Choosing a suitable sealing machine will speed up your production, save your manpower, reduce your production costs, and bring you many benefits!

Nowadays, the sealing machine is now very commonly used in the packaging production process. For example, the common Manual Sausage Clipper and the sealing machine are mainly used to seal the product to preserve the product, not only to maintain the product quality, but also to avoid the product in the process of transportation. Loss. Now almost everything must be packaged and sealed before leaving the factory. There are many sealing machines on the market today. How do you choose a sealing machine suitable for your own business? It is not correct to hold only the expensive mind. The expensive sealing machine is not necessarily the sealing machine suitable for your own products, so you still have to choose the right one. So how do you choose the right sealing machine? Semi-automatic Clipper Wholesaler will come to tell you.

Before you buy, you need to know the variety of sealing machine. There are currently four types of sealing machines in general:

Sausage Packaging Clips

Sausage Packaging Clips

1, hand pressure sealing machine

It is suitable for the sealing and sealing of various plastic film and Sausage Packaging Clips. It is simple and easy to use. It is only suitable for household or retail processing of plastic film sealing.

2, pedal type sealing machine

The pedal sealing machine can seal all kinds of plastic film, composite film and aluminum plastic film, multi-layer composite plastic, is a new type of safety and ideal sealing machine. This machine is a "heavyweight" in the series of sealing machine, made of stainless steel castings. It is self-contained with extra-large power transformer, adjustable upper and lower weight sealing, trailer, fast ultra-short sealing moment, high efficiency, and can not replace the function of general sealing machine. And pedal sealing machine can be based on the thickness of the film Take a single layer of heat or heat up and down to achieve a more ideal sealing effect.

3, pneumatic sealing machine

I encountered many thick bags such as raw bags, pearl cotton bags, etc. It is sometimes more laborious and time-consuming to use the pedals and the sealing effect is not satisfactory. Then we have to choose the pneumatic sealing machine, pneumatic sealing The machine is a novel gas-electric integrated packaging machine, which is a necessary means for the soft material, storage, and product moisture-proof transportation. The machine uses compressed air as power, the sealing pressure is adjustable, the quality is stable and reliable, and it can be operated manually or by foot switch, which is light and simple. It is widely used in the chemical, food, food, feed and other industries.

4, water-cooled pneumatic sealing machine

The water-cooling sealing machine is presented with the appearance of the pneumatic sealing machine. Therefore, the water-cooling sealing machine is mostly a pneumatic sealing machine. The main reason for selecting it is to satisfy the high instantaneous temperature and continue to work. The temperature of the heating wire is lowered by the circulation of water so that A job that can be stable for a long time.

Another manufacturer who chooses to buy the sealing machine is best to have a certain reputation and has a good reputation. In the purchase process, you must pay attention to the product's certificate, warranty card, invoice and the like is complete, but also pay attention to the product nameplate, product number, date and type of delivery. These have a certain guarantee for the quality of the machine, and in the future, the fault can be solved in a timely and useful manner. If the certificate is not complete, or the seller refuses to give it, do not buy it.