Evaluation Of The Standard Of Sausage Sausage Casings

Nov. 12, 2019

The evaluation of the quality of sausage casings is a systematic project. The "fourteen quality evaluations" listed by the Sausage Clip Manufacturer below can be reasonably used as the basis for the evaluation of poor quality.

Sausage Casing

Sausage Casing

1. Barrier of sausage casing: It refers to the degree of barrier to oxygen, water vapor and aroma. Good barrier properties can provide sausages with a longer shelf life and shelf life, avoiding the return of sausages due to deterioration during the shelf life, and ensuring that the freshness and aroma of the sausages are not lost.

2, the rationality of sausage casing structure: the reasonable structure design of sausage casing can provide an ideal packaging for sausages.

3, sausage casing film strength: good mechanical strength can meet the requirements of a variety of filling punch card machine, thereby reducing the loss of sausage casing film during use.

4, stability of shrinkage: refers to the same volume or the same batch of sausage casing shrinkage consistency is good, if the shrinkage rate of the upper and lower floating will cause the same size of sausage length, uneven thickness, will give you boxing and sales Bring a lot of trouble.

5, color uniformity: For color sausage sausage casings, uniform color can give the sausage the appearance quality glory, making it look beautiful, can attract the attention of consumers.

6, sausage casing opening: the opening is good for sausage filling is very important. If the opening is not good, the sausage casing and filling are more difficult, which will directly affect the working efficiency of the operator. For the sausage casing, a reliable Sausage Casing Sealing Clips should be used.

7. Accuracy of specification: It means that the deviation of the diameter and thickness of the sausage casing should be controlled within a strict range. If the specification is not allowed, the thickness of the sausage will be uneven. If the thickness deviation is too large, the sausage will be bent and the performance will be The phenomenon of decline.

8, sausage casing film transparency: for transparent sausage casing film, good transparency is very important for high-quality sausage, it can enable consumers to clearly see the meat texture of the sausage, to attract consumers to buy desire, Enhance consumers' first impression of the product.

9, soft touch: good hand feeling will be easy to use, sausage meat after filling is strong, for mold ham, soft sausage casing can make its shape angular and smooth. On the contrary, the edges are hard and easy to make the product effluent.

10, sausage casing film brightness: make the sausage on the shelf is very bright, dazzling, very easy to attract customers.

11. Adhesive effect between the layers: refers to the degree of adhesion between the layers of the sausage casing film, so that the structure of the sausage casing is stable and the performance is stable.

12, film roll flatness: reflect the thickness of the sausage casing film uniformity, but can give a comprehensive evaluation of the product.

13. Packaging and sealing: It means that the outer packaging of the sausage casing should be tightly sealed on the one hand to prevent the sausage casing from absorbing moisture; the box is firm and reliable, and the sausage casing is prevented from being damaged, so that the sausage casing is under good protection.

Sausage casings may be the last step in the processing of sausages for the processing of sausages, but ignoring its importance may cause a lot of trouble. Then the choice of sausage casings must be considered comprehensively, on the one hand choose high-quality sausage casings with good value for money, on the other hand, choose sausage casings to match the requirements of the sausages you produce. At the same time, we must pay attention to the use of methods, so that sausage casings play their due role and bring you considerable economic benefits.

The above is the evaluation criteria for the quality of sausage casings, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you have a need for sausage casings, you can contact us, and we also have Sausage Clip Manufacture Equipment, welcome you.