What Is The Sausage Clip?

Oct. 18, 2019

As a common food, sausage is also a kind of meat food popular among the vast consumers. It is characterized by delicate meat, fresh and refreshing, easy to carry, simple to eat and long shelf life. However, if the seal is not strict, or the food is up, it is not edible. This involves the problem of food sealing. The Sausage Clip is a fastener used for sealing the ends of the ham. Don't look at it, its effect. It is very large, effectively preventing oxidation, corruption, and nuisance by bacteria, ensuring storage and preservation of ham.

The clip is a matching product of "ham sausage" and "anchor", which is used for sealing packaging of products. It can fully utilize its own product quality advantages. It is a product sealing component that is widely used in product packaging and sealing. It is generally used together with card double card sealing machine. It can be used for both ends of ham sausage, sealant, explosive seal packaging, etc. It can be a Supermarket Bulk Packaging Clips, and its function is to fasten the clips of the specified type at both ends of the sealing process. The tightness of the clip is tight enough to ensure the storage function of the medium to be sealed. The clips are divided into plastic clips and aluminum clips according to product selection information. The clip product can be used in the sealing of food and anchoring packaging, and at the same time has two layers of effect to ensure product quality and aesthetics.

Sausage Clip

Sausage Clip

So what do you use to add these food bags and ham sausages? This time you need a device called the Clipping Machine.

Clipping Machine detachable Generally speaking, it consists of positioning parts and fasteners. The positioning member acts to guide the clip to the device orientation smoothly, correctly and quickly when the device is in use. The role of the fastener is that the unloading fastener is usually planned so that when a certain force is applied, the cutting machine will be disengaged and the two connectors will be separated. This clipping machine is often used to connect two parts that are often opened. It is not necessary to disassemble the fasteners. If the fasteners are deflected, the two parts can be disassembled and used for the connection and fixing of the parts without using the parts. Generally speaking, there are two types of cutting machines, one is a manual shearing machine, and the other is a Semi-automatic Clipping Machine. About the characteristics of the manual shearing machine, there are mainly:

1. New design, beautiful appearance and novelty.

2, high efficiency and energy saving sealing speed, power is strong.

3, microcomputer control mode, electronic memory function, power adjustable.

4, touch panel, comfortable feel, simple settings, beautiful and useful.

5, imported high-power IGBT power module output, overload maintenance function.

6, using high-tech electronic chip, high-brightness digital display, high precision, reading cleaning, no parallax, can be investigated from a distance.

There are many types of clips, one of which is called a U-shaped clip. Maybe many people don't know what the U-shaped clip is. In fact, everyone has seen it, but I don't know the name. In fact, the U-shaped clip is widely used. It is mainly used for the packaging process of high-temperature meat food. It is useful to ensure the storage function of the sealing process medium and plays an important role in food packaging. Let's take a look at it.

The U-shaped clip is generally used together with the U-shaped card double card sealing machine, and can be used for two ends of the ham, the sealant, the explosive sealing package, etc., and its function is to fasten the regular type U-shaped clip at both ends of the sealing process.

The U-shaped clip is tightly sealed and has a good sealing performance, which ensures the storage function of the medium to be sealed. In addition, the U-shaped clip can also be matched with the German POLY card punching machine, and all technical indicators are beyond the level of the same imported products, and can be satisfied with the use of various punching machines, with complete types and specifications.