Composition Of Manual Sausage Clipper

Oct. 16, 2018

Manual Sausage Clipper Generally, the buckles are composed of positioning members and fasteners. The positioning member is used to guide the buckle smoothly, correctly and quickly to the installation position during installation. The function of the fastener is to lock the buckle to the base body and ensure that it does not fall off during use. Depending on the application and requirements, the fasteners can be disassembled and non-removable. Removable fasteners are typically designed such that when a certain separation force is applied, the Sausage Clipper will disengage and the two connectors separate. This type of snap is often used to connect two parts that need to be removed frequently. Non-removable fasteners require artificial deflection of the fasteners in order to disassemble the two parts and are often used for attachment without fixing the parts during consumption.

Manual Sausage Clipper