Classification Of Tipper Tie Clips

Oct. 18, 2018

There are two main categories of Tipper Tie Clips.

Permanent or one-time fasteners are often used on disposable consumer products that are installed during the manufacturing process and never unpacked.

Multiple snaps are used on multiple-use products, such as caps and caps, which can be closed multiple times, such as auto parts that need to be disassembled during maintenance.

Both types of snap structures include some design principles. A cantilever beam, the snap structure is axially inserted into the card slot of the mating component. A curved beam, a variant of the cantilever beam, that is, the cantilever beam is curved.

The loop snap is a circular or elliptical connection used in, for example, a cap and a cap.

The ball snap snaps into a mating piece with a notch. The torsion beam is sheared to ensure its position is fixed.

The Fibrous Casings Clips structure is beneficial to the manufacturing process. By reducing the number of parts, you can save on storage costs, save labor costs, reduce inventory, reduce the number of suppliers, and reduce shipping costs and all the costs associated with additional parts. It also saves assembly time. But the buckle structure is also more dependent on the previous design than other processes. Incorrect snap-on structures may break during assembly or even before assembly.

Tipper Tie Clips