Design Classification Of Manual Sausage Clipper

Oct. 12, 2018

Design classification of Manual Sausage Clipper If the functions are distinguished, the design of the buckles can be divided into two types: permanent and detachable. The design of the Manual Sausage Clipping Machine is easy to install but not easy to remove. The design of the detachable buckle is easy to install and remove. The principle is that the hook-shaped extension part of the detachable buckle is provided with an appropriate lead-in angle and a lead-out angle for facilitating the buckle-up and separation. The lead-in angle and the lead-out angle directly affect the force required for the buckle and the separation. The permanent type of buckle has only the introduction angle and no design of the lead angle. Therefore, once buckled, the connected part forms a self-locking state and is not easy to remove. Please refer to the schematic of the permanent and detachable buckle.

Manual Sausage Clipper