How to Tenderize Edible Sausage Casings? You Don't Want Awful Taste

May. 14, 2024


You ultimately make a decision to stuff the sausages first and afterwards smoke or grill them. Every little thing is going well, yet when you take a bite of the sausage, it's a little hard as well as crunchy. What went wrong? You more than likely really did not tidy or rinse the casing completely. However don't fret. Keep reading to discover how to soften sausage casings.


Why sausage casings are tough

Sausage casings need to be taken care of with care as well as the appropriate steps need to be taken when utilizing them for sausages. If your sausage casings are not tender, there are several reasons this might be taking place.

1,No pierced casings

To stop the casings from coming to be chewy, make sure to puncture them before smoking the sausage. The reason the case is softer when punctured is due to the fact that it allows a little air as well as fat to get away.

If you don't puncture the casings, the fat will heat up throughout food preparation and air pressure will accumulate inside the casings, which will trigger them to damage and lose even more fat as well as dampness.

2,Not cleaning the casings appropriately

When you first obtain casings, they are typically extremely strong. If you avoid washing as well as washing them, this could be the factor for chewy casings after smoking cigarettes or cooking.

3,Not defrosting them from the fridge freezer

Like most other types of meat, sausages ought to not be cooked promptly after being obtained of the refrigerator. Let them sit on the counter for some time to get to area temperature. The preliminary temperature ought to not be expensive or the casing will solidify quickly.

4,The casing is very old

If the casings have been saved in the fridge for more than 6 months, they are not appropriate for stuffing. It is best to discard these casings and also replace them with new ones.

5,Cooling down sausages in cold water

Lots of sausage enthusiasts like to soak their sausages in water after cigarette smoking. While this can soften the cases, it is very important to utilize cozy water. Cold water might solidify the casing.

How to Tenderize Edible Sausage Casings? You Don't Want Awful Taste

How to soften the casings

The secret to softening the cases is to clean and also wash them. After figuring out the total up to utilize, wash the cases with water. This will certainly get rid of any excess salt. After that, you must place the casings in fresh water with a tbsp of vinegar and also let them soak. Although vinegar might seem unusual, it will soften the casings and make them more transparent. Wait half an hour to a hr, after that rinse as well as soak the casings again.

Typically, the maker from whom you purchased the casings must consist of information about soaking on the tag. Some individuals advise doing this for thirty minutes; others recommend several hours. Even if the casings are saturated for a number of hours, they won't end up being too chewy or most likely to crack.

If you favor cooking to smoking cigarettes sausages, you may still obtain crunchy casings. To stop this from happening, do not place the sausages in boiling water. Place them in a pot of cold water as well as bring it to a boil.


To conclude

Understanding what makes a sausage casing tough and also crunchy, and also how to stop this from happening, is an essential action in sausage making. Nevertheless, nobody wishes to take a bite of a sausage anticipating juiciness as well as texture, only to find that their teeth feel the surface area inadequately. Please contact SHENGMAO to find high-quality casings and we also have sausage clipper machines for sale.