Advantages of Using Aluminum Clips for Sausage

Aug. 23, 2021

Have you ever noticed the material of sausage clips? It's silver, very hard and not easily broken. Nowadays, most of the U-shaped clips are made of aluminum. Now the sausage clips manufacturer tells you the benefits of using aluminum clips.

Aluminum Clip

Firstly, it is particularly resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Secondly, the strength and hardness can reach the standard, not easy to break. Third, good ductility, can be made thin, saving materials and reducing weight. Fourth, it is cheap. Aluminum is an easily recyclable metal, and its value is higher than that of steel. It can achieve good recycling and prevent waste. If replaced by plastic products, one is not strong enough, and the other is not recyclable and difficult to degrade, but it will cause more serious pollution.

First of all, ham sausage should be sausage type, not flat-packed. The packaging has a certain heat shrinkage rate and looks more beautiful, so there are not many sealing options. Secondly, aluminum itself is not a rare metal, and the annual domestic production is close to 40 million tons. Finally, although you think it is wasted on aluminum, the packaging of ham sausage is called sausage casing. The material is laminated from PVDC. This is supposed to be the best preservation technology that exists today. In foreign countries, PVDC has replaced polyethylene as preservation film.

The domestic level is still at the PE level. He retains this information. Aluminum surface oxidation in the air, forming a relatively stable and dense oxide film. In addition, it is relatively light. Aluminum is an easily recyclable metal with a higher recycling rate than steel. It can achieve good recycling and prevent waste. If plastic products are used instead, one is not strong enough, and the other is not recyclable and difficult to degrade, which will cause more serious pollution.

With its dense structure, light texture and beautiful color, aluminum is often used as a packaging material, especially for substances that give off a long-lasting aroma. Thus, we often see that most flavored substances are wrapped outside in aluminum foil, mainly because of its dense structure and the fact that the aroma does not evaporate in a short period of time. However, when used as food packaging, the surface in direct contact with the food is not easily turned into aluminum foil, as it can cause passivation.

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