Cautions for Clips Installation

Apr. 03, 2020

Everyone knows that ham sausage, as a kind of high-temperature food, cannot be eaten if it is not tightly sealed or the food is in a bag. This involves the problem of food sealing. The buckle is widely used in food sealing. It is not only beautiful and practical, but also plays a key role in food preservation. The buckle is widely used in food companies.

Food supplements with independent intellectual property rights developed by the company in long-term exploration, research, and experiments, as well as various sealing and punching machines, buckles, and Aluminum Clip and other products. Widely used in various meat products, fruits, edible fungi, mines, supermarket packaging and other small packaging ligation and sealing. The snap products together with food packaging materials play a key role in effectively ensuring the deliciousness and freshness of food.

Aluminum Clip

Aluminum Clip

During the installation of Sausage Clips, the operator mainly judges whether the buckle installation is in place through feel and sound, so the following points need to be paid attention to when designing:

1) Select the appropriate amount of deformation. The sausage buckle is installed by the deformation and rebound of the fastener. Too small deformation will easily cause the installation to be insecure; too large deformation will easily cause installation difficulties or even failure to install, and damage the buckle.

2) When designing, pay attention to some obvious phenomena such as changes in sound and feel when the sausage buckle is installed in place.

3) When designing, pay attention to the number of constraints of the sausage buckle. Too many constraints require higher machining accuracy of the part. In the actual assembly process, it is easy to cause the installation to be incomplete or impossible.

The sausage sealing buckle has good versatility. The sausage sealing buckle is generally applicable to the packaging process of anchoring agents and ham sausages. The buckle can be smoothly used on card machines of any manufacturer and plays a very important role in product packaging.

The snap double snap sealer is widely used in the two ends of ham sausage, sealant, explosive seal packaging, and other special equipment for the sealing process. Its function is to fasten the sausage buckles of the specified model to the two ends of the sealing process. The sausage buckle has sufficient tightness after being tightly tightened to meet the storage performance of the sealing process medium. The sausage buckle and double-card sealer are necessary equipment in food processing plants.