How to Buy the Right Manual Sealing Machine?

Apr. 09, 2020

There is no distinction between good and cheap products, only the one that suits you is the best. Choosing a suitable sealing machine will speed up your production speed, save your manpower, and reduce your production cost. The Sausage Clip Manufacturer will give you some explanation!

Nowadays, the Double-Card Sealing Machine is very commonly used in the packaging production process. The use of the sealing machine is mainly to seal the product to save the product, not only maintaining the quality of the product but also avoiding the loss of the product during transportation. Almost all products must be packaged and sealed before leaving the factory. There are many sealing machines on the market, how to choose the sealing machine suitable for your company? It is not correct to hold only the expensive mentality. The expensive sealing machine is not necessarily the one suitable for your product, so you still have to choose the right one.

Before buying, please pay attention to the type of sealing machine. There are generally four types of sealing machines:

Hand-pressure sealing machine, suitable for all kinds of plastic film sealing, sealing, simple and easy to use, simple plastic film sealing for household or store handling.

Pedal sealing machine, pedal sealing machine can seal all kinds of plastic film, composite film and aluminum plastic film, multilayer composite plastic, is a new type of ideal sealing machine equipment. This machine belongs to the sealing machine series weight. It is made of stainless steel castings, equipped with extra-large power transformers, up and down adjustable weight sealing, trailer, fast ultra-short sealing time, high efficiency, with irreplaceable functions of general sealing machine. And foot sealing machine can be based on The thickness of the film adopts a single layer of heat or heat up and down to achieve a more ideal sealing effect.

Pneumatic sealing machine encountered many thick bags such as raw material bags, pearl cotton bags, etc., when using the foot pedal, sometimes it is more laborious and time-consuming and the sealing effect is not satisfactory, then this time we have to choose the pneumatic sealing machine Pneumatic sealing the machine is a novel integrated gas and electricity packaging machine. Corrosion Resistance Double-Card Sealing Machine is an indispensable and necessary means in the field of soft materials, storage, and moisture-proof transportation of products. The machine uses compressed air as power, the sealing pressure is adjustable, the quality is stable and reliable, and it can be operated manually or by footswitch, which is light and simple. It is widely used in chemical, food, food, feed, and other industries. Dongguan Xincheng can manufacture various types of pneumatic sealing machines according to customer requirements, including pressure headphones, patch machines, arc machines, multi-line machines, bubble bag machines, clothes hook machines, kite machines, etc.

Whole Chicken Packaging Pneumatic Clipper Machine

Whole Chicken Packaging Pneumatic Clipper Machine

Water-cooled pneumatic sealing machine, the water-cooled sealing machine is accompanied by the emergence of pneumatic sealing machines. So the water-cooled The sealing machine is mostly a pneumatic sealing machine. It is mainly selected to meet the instantaneous high temperature and need to continue to work, through the reduction of water circulation The temperature of the heating wire can work stably for a long time.

The manufacturers who choose to buy the sealing machine have a certain reputation and a good reputation. During the purchase process, we must pay attention to whether the product's certificate, warranty card, invoice and the like are complete, and also pay attention to the product nameplate, product number, factory date, and model.