C50S,C90S clip

Product Description
Name of clipsPcs/roolRool/cartonPcs/cartonCarton size(m)Carton weight(kg)
     C50S10000       6600000.3*0.28*0.58          16.2
     C90S2540       6152400.24*0.25*0.26           16

Aluminum alloy clip

As sticks or on spools, depending on machine

Silver is the standard color (more on request)

Various hardness grades Aluminum and alloys

We can customize the size of the clips you need

Further clips can be found here: R-Clip, S-Clip, P-Clip,U clip

This type of clip is generally used for the packaging of chemical products, such as silicone adhesives, emulsion explosives.

We have for many years now been developing trade and industry packaging solutions using the clip. Our type of packaging is suitable for the widest range of applications – sausage, poultry, food or non-Food.

Our clips with the German Poly Card / Switzerland Tipper tie and all domestic clipping machine matching, to meet the use of a variety of punch card machine.

We will be happy to advise you and find the right clip for your product and the casing being used! Please contact us: