What is Sausage Casing Made of?

Oct. 27, 2020

Everyone will prepare sausages in winter. Sausage casing clip supplier will introduce how to distinguish casings.

Wash the pig small intestines with a large basin, then close the chopped pork fillings, then pour the pork fillings into the small intestines, and hang them on the beams for more than half a month, and the fragrant sausages are ready. But this is the traditional way. What are the sausage casings on the market now?

Maybe you meet this situation: Casing of the sausage bought is made of rubber, because it doesn’t chew in the mouth, and there is a strange smell. I don’t know what this is made of. We all know that the casing on the surface of the sausage is actually very Importantly, whether it is smoking in the early stage or eating in the later stage, what we eat is not only the taste of pork, but the taste of casing is actually very important! The casing is very elastic and the taste is still very chewy! Generally speaking, traditional sausages are made from pig small intestines, which have a thinner wall and relatively low cost. Generally speaking, pig small intestines are used to make sausages in rural areas. The finished product of this kind of sausage is often not transparent enough, and the sausage will be a little white!

However, this is a traditional way of making sausages. At present, there are two main types of collagen sausage casing on the market, one is a natural casing, and the other is an artificial casing.

1. Natural casing--sausage casing edible

It refers to the small intestines of various animals. Artificial casings are divided into collagen casings, cellulose series casings, and smokeable plastic casings! Natural casings are definitely edible. The sausages made from such casings will be very delicious and have a very strong flavor. The natural casings are very breathable and can be smoked and washed. The whole sausage can be eaten! Among artificial casings, collagen casings are edible, which is a casing made of animal skins as raw materials. It is similar to natural casings, so it can be eaten.

C400 Smokable Casings

C400 Smokable Casings

2. Artificial sausage casing

Cellulose casings and smokeable plastic sausage casing, these "2" casings are inedible casings. The cellulose casings are very breathable and the sausages made are very beautiful! But not edible! Smokeable plastic casings are generally divided into polyvinylidene chloride casings and nylon casings, which are almost the plastics we often say. They are non-natural and synthesized late in chemical composition, but these are also the two common plastic casings that are breathable. Poor sex, but it can be smoked, and the surface is smooth and beautiful, so synthetic sausage casing is used by many businesses to package their own products!

C300 3Layers Nylon Casing

C300 3Layers Nylon Casing

3. Distinguish

So how do we distinguish these types of casings? First of all, we need to know that the natural casing is not very transparent, and it feels greasy, there is a feeling of touching the skin, and the smoked natural casing sausage will have a strong fragrance, and the appearance is not very good! And it has a very obvious "intestine" taste, so you can smell it before buying it.

Artificial casings are generally relatively transparent and relatively clean, and the plastic casings that everyone is worried about are generally completely transparent, and because the plastic has very good flexibility, generally the two sections of this sausage are sealed with metal. You can pay attention to it when you buy it. In addition, plastic casings are slippery to the touch and very elastic, so we can touch them when we buy them. If they are slippery and there are no oil stains, then it is best not to buy them. This may be what we are talking about plastic casings and cellulose casings. It is best to choose homemade sausage casing.

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