How to Buy a Suitable Sealing Machine?

Nov. 05, 2020

Nowadays, Sealing Machines are very common in the packaging production process. The use of the sealing machine is mainly to seal the product to protect the product, which not only maintains the product quality, but also avoids the loss of the product during transportation. Almost all products must be packaged and sealed before leaving the factory. There are many sealing machines on the market. How to choose a sealing machine suitable for your company? The mentality of only buying expensive is not correct. An expensive sealing machine is not necessarily a suitable one for your own products, so you still have to choose the correct one.

Please understand the type of sealing machine before buying. There are currently four types of sealing machines in the Sausage Cutting Machine Factory:

1. Hand pressure sealing machine

Suitable for sealing various plastic films. It is simple and easy to use. It is only suitable for simple plastic film sealing at home or shop.

2. Pedal sealing machine

The pedal sealing machine can seal various plastic films, composite films, aluminum-plastic films, and multilayer composite plastics. It is a new type of safe and ideal sealing machine. This machine is the heavyweight in the series of sealing machines made of stainless steel castings. It is equipped with a large power transformer, the upper and lower sealing weights are adjustable, the trailer is adjustable, the ultra-short sealing time is fast, the efficiency is high, and it has the irreplaceable function of the general sealing machine. The pedal sealing machine can adopt single-layer heating or up and down heating according to the film thickness to achieve a more ideal sealing effect. There is a 400#-2 meter long pedal sealing machine in Dongguan New Town.

Sealing Machines

Sealing Machines

3. Pneumatic sealing machine

When I encounter many thick bags, such as raw material bags, pearl cotton bags, etc., using the pedal is sometimes more laborious and time-consuming, and the sealing effect is not satisfactory. Then we have to choose pneumatic sealing machine, pneumatic sealing. This machine is a new type of gas-electric integrated packaging machine, which is an indispensable means in the field of soft materials, storage and moisture-proof transportation. The machine is powered by compressed air, the sealing pressure is adjustable, and the quality is stable and reliable. It can be operated by manual or foot switch, which is light and simple. It is widely used in chemical, food, food, feed and other industries.

4. Water-cooled pneumatic sealing machine

Water-cooled sealing machines are accompanied by the emergence of pneumatic sealing machines. Therefore, most water-cooled sealing machines are pneumatic sealing machines. It is mainly selected to meet the high instantaneous temperature, and it needs to work continuously, and because the circulation of water reduces the temperature of the heating wire, it can work stably for a long time.

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