What Does Vacuum Food Packaging Do?

Dec. 21, 2019

Nowadays, food hygiene and safety, environmental sanitation, and physical and mental health are advocated. Vegetable preservation technology is constantly being improved in order to keep the ingredients longer. The more common methods are nitrogen filling, vacuum packaging, and adding additives, which are more convenient and fast; a reasonable and pure natural way without preservatives is a vacuum preservation method. Commonly used vacuum-packed ingredients, from grains and cereals, vegetables and fruits, seafood to pickled vegetables and snacks are all common, and vacuum preservation has become very widespread. So what is the role of vacuum food packaging? The following Sausage Clip Manufacture Equipment supplier will come to tell you.

Perishable foods are caused by the growth and development of microbial strains. For most microbial strains (such as Aspergillus flavus and yeast) to survive, sufficient oxygen is an important condition. A key feature of vacuum packaging is that it requires The oxygen bottle in the packaging bag and the somatic cells in the food are taken away, so that the microbial species loses the natural environment for survival, thereby increasing the storage time of the food.

According to data research, when the oxygen cylinder concentration value in the packaging bag is ≤1%, the growth and development and breeding rate of microbial strains suddenly decline, and the oxygen cylinder concentration value is ≤0.5%, and most of the microbial strains will be terminated by breeding. Breeding. However, vacuum packaging cannot inhibit the breeding and discoloration of foods caused by the breeding of anaerobic infections and enzyme reflections. It also needs to be integrated with other auxiliary tools, such as freezing, freezing, desiccation, high temperature sterilization, and irradiation. The close combination of bacteria, microwave sterilization, salting, etc. can make the actual effect of refrigerating the ingredients stronger and store them longer. Therefore, we can put food in Vacuum Skin Bags to achieve the effect of freshness preservation in life.

Vacuum Skin Bags

Vacuum Skin Bags

In addition to the often said that can inhibit the growth and development and breeding of microbial species, the other key role of vacuum preservation is to avoid food air oxidation. Vegetable oils and fats contain a lot of fatty acids. The effect of oxygen is very easy to air oxidation. Makes the ingredients taste and moldier than Sausage Casing's vacuum packaging; moreover, air oxidation can also damage vitamin A and vitamin C, and the uneven chemicals in the melanin of the ingredients will also be affected by the effect of oxygen, making the hue darker. Therefore, vacuum packaging can reasonably avoid food coloring and mildew, and maintain its shape, aroma, taste and nutritional content!

People advocate the use of vacuum fresh food ingredients, block gas germs, deal with problems such as degeneration, decay, and germs, and deal with the storage problems of food and health in a healthy environment, as well as reduce waste caused by improper storage.