How To Open The Sausage Clip without Knives or Scissors?

Sep. 13, 2021

Speaking of sausages, I know many people really like to eat sausages, but when you eat sausages, you will find a metal buckle at both ends of the mall to seal. When we then open it, we will use our teeth to bite A bite can open the mall packaging, but effective packaging, is not a waste of teeth? In fact, I want to tell you today is that the small metal ring below the sausage ring, just pull down to open. Here's a look at it with our sausage clips manufacturer SHENGMAO.

In fact, sausage is also a snack that many of us like very much in our daily lives. There are many flavors of sausage, but no matter which flavor of sausage, we need to open it before eating it. When we open it, there must be no scissors or knives around or anything like that. At this time, we must bite it with our teeth and then open it. If it is not good, then the outer package of this sausage will probably not open. Today clipping machine wholesaler will tell you some small ways to open the sausage quickly without teeth and without biting.

Sausage Clip

Sausage Clip

The first method is to find this dotted line on the ham hock. Then take a small toothpick on the dining room table, from this place can also be worn out, you can pull it straight to the end. Find the dotted line this way and poke the toothpick through this gap so that it slides down and can be pulled out easily. In this way, the sausage can be peeled straight out from inside. Isn't this method very easy? It only takes a small toothpick to completely peel off the sausage.

The second method is to hold both ends of the sausage with both hands and twist in the opposite direction, and the sausage casing will split down the middle. But you need a lot of strength! You can eat it directly after twisting it open.

The third method is to find a pair of scissors or a knife and cut along the side of the sausage, from end to end, to remove it intact. See your own actual situation to choose the method.

After reading this article today, do you feel you have learned another trick? In fact, many of you regret reading this article. Now I know how many teeth it used to take to bite the sausage? After knowing this little secret, let's pull the toothpick to the end when we go to the mall. Contact us to find more details about sausage casings.