What Are Natural and Artificial Casings Made Of?

Apr. 12, 2022

Natural Casings are made from the longest small intestine in animal internal organs; edible casings are processed with animal skins as raw materials; smoked plastic casings are made with plastic as raw materials.

Natural Casings

1 Natural casing

Natural casing is a casing commonly used in rural areas. It is made of the longest small intestine in animal organs, usually pig small intestine, but it is also possible to use cow small intestine, horse small intestine, and sheep small intestine.

Making small intestines into casings requires a very tedious process, not only cleaning, removing undigested food residues, but also removing the inner layer of mucosa, and removing the outer layer of intestinal skin. Therefore, the thickness of the casing is much thinner than normal animal intestines, and meat can be poured into it.

The advantage of natural casings is that they have excellent air permeability. Therefore, after the sausages are properly dried and then smoked, the smoked ingredients can be attached to the sausages to obtain their preferred flavor, and the casings can be eaten directly.


Artificial Casings

It is very difficult to process natural casings, which are mainly popular in rural areas. However, artificial casings are generally sold in batches in supermarkets. Artificial casings can reduce costs, the processing process is simpler, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful. Among them, edible casings produced through regular channels are similar to natural casings and are not harmful to the human body.

Artificial casings are divided into gas-permeable casings and non-gas-permeable casings. Breathable casing can be divided into edible and inedible. Edible casings are also called collagen casings, which are processed from animal skins as raw materials. The characteristics are similar to those of natural casings, that is, they have good air permeability and are edible. Non-edible casings mainly include cellulose casings and cellophane. The cellulose casings can be divided into cellulose casings and fibrous casings. This type of casing has good air permeability but cannot be eaten by humans. There is also a non-edible casing called smokeable plastic casing, which is made of plastic as a raw material. This casing is also breathable and can be smoked.

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What are Casings Made Of?