Selecting the Right Sausage Casings

Apr. 10, 2021

The Sausage Casing you choose can substantially enhance your sausage making as well as eating experience. Sausage cases are readily available in numerous types as well as sizes. The 4 basic classifications of sausage coverings are Natural Casings, Collagen Casings, Fibrous Casings, as well as Artificial Casings

Sausage Casing

Sausage Casing

All-natural Cases

We favor to make use of all-natural sausage coverings for our sausage. A natural housing in our viewpoint provides the most effective taste and look to the final sausage item. An all-natural sausage casing enhances and enhances the natural juices and high quality of the meat and spices. All-natural situations permit deep smoke penetration if you are smoking your sausage.

All-natural casings are made from the submucosa a largely collagen layer of the intestine. Natural Casings are generally provided in a secured bag in a damp salt service. Utilize what you require and then reseal in the offered resealable bag for storage space. The resealed casings can be stored for months in the fridge.

For beginners, we usually advise making use of hog cases to start with as they are less complicated to collaborate with than the fragile sheep housings as well as produce a great thick sausage. Hog coverings need to be soaked in water for 30 minutes to a hr prior to making use of.

Lamb housings create a really delicate slim sausage yet treatment must be taken not to overstuff them. When you master lamb housings they are well worth the initiative. Again, these coverings should be taken in water for half an hour to a hr before making use of.

Collagen Casings

Collagen suasage cases are made from the gelatinlike substance discovered in the connective tissue, bones and also cartilage of all animals. This is also the very same material made use of to make the famous gelatin dessert. The majority of readily acquired sausage in the USA is stuffed right into collagen coverings.

Collagen coverings are the total solution for all sausage applications, including cold, deep fat frying, barbecuing and stove cooking. Collagen housings are supplied on a shirred stick and also the amount required for each application can be removed. These casing appropriate for hand-linking supplied the proper sausage mix as well as recipe are used. When hand-linking, the housing is dry, so we suggest using a grease to help with the process. Oil has actually the included benefits of leaving a lasting luster on the sausage as well as aids with cooking. No saturating is needed and also they have an indefinite life span if saved in a trendy dark location, refrigeration is not needed.

Fibrous Coverings

Coarse suasage casings are made from timber cellulose permeated with healthy protein. Coarse housings are the toughest housings generated and are not fit to eat. They are used where optimum uniformity of the completed product size, whether sausage or smoked meat, is wanted. The harmony of item stuffed in the casings make them suitable for slicing for prepackaging. These coverings do not call for refrigeration.

Synthetic Coverings.

Synthetic sausage coverings are made from alginates, and the coverings themselves require no refrigeration. Synthetic casings are made use of by mass producers as well as can be made in various colors. They are the most uniform and also strong of all kinds of housings.

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