The Magical Effect Of Tipper Tie Clips

Sep. 27, 2021

In the hot summer, how can high-temperature foods be preserved and preserved? Its secrets are small, exquisite and convenient Tipper Tie Clips.

High-quality tipper tie clips are essential to a successful clip closure. The metal composition, clip dimensions and finish are all vital factors in the integrity of the product seal. The clip itself performs the final gathering of the product's packaging.

Tipper Tie Clips

The tipper tie clip is a special sealing member specially used for food sealing such as sausage casing clips. It is a fastener used for sealing the ends of the product. It is compact and convenient. Tipper tie clips are everywhere in our daily lives and have many uses. And the type is rich, the product is sealed for different needs, beautiful and durable. Such as ham sausage, fruit packaging, garlic packaging, supermarket sealing packaging, edible fungi, anchoring agents and other packaging products are inseparable from the tipper tie buckle.

It is mainly used for the packaging process of high-temperature meat foods, which can effectively ensure the storage performance of the sealing process medium, and plays an important role in food packaging.  The sausage tipper tie clip is generally used together with the Great Wall Card double card sealing machine. It can be used for both ends of sausage, sealant, explosive seal packaging, etc.   In addition, the it can also be matched with the German PO card punching machine, all technical indicators are more than the same level of imported products, can meet the needs of a variety of punching machines, complete model specifications. We offer clipping machines and welcome to visit us.

Tipper tie wire is formed to a variety of specific shapes to create the best clip for each customer's application. Shapes include the modified trapezoidal clip, elliptical clip and round wire clips. The dimensions of all tipper tie clips, particularly the crown and leg lengths, are kept within very tight tolerances ensuring a perfect closure every time. Furthermore, clip leg ends are radiused and lubricated to ensure that both clip legs form simultaneously as the clip gathers the packaging materials and creates a tight, clean closure.

High-quality tipper tie clips are essential to a successful clip closure

In addition to gathering packaging material, the clip must keep the package securely closed under a variety of extreme conditions. For meat products, it must endure high heat from the cooking and smoking processes. For vacuum packed products, the tipper tie clip keeps the package airtight through its entire shelf life. For netted products, the tipper tie clip carries heavy loads as it supports large hams through the smokehouse and bulky frozen turkeys through the freezer case until the products reach the consumer's kitchen.

As a plastic casings clips supplier, we produce custom clips, tipper tie clips, plastic casings clips and garlic sealing clips. Tipper tie clips are manufactured from a special aluminum alloy and are held to exacting specifications that exceed those from the general wire industry.

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