What Is The Design Structure Of Garlic Sealing Clips?

Mar. 07, 2019

The Garlic Sealing Clips provides a convenient, quick and economical method of assembly of the product, because the combined part of the buckle is molded at the same time when the finished product is produced. It is not necessary to match other locking components such as screws and mesons, as long as the two sides of the combination are required. The buckles can be interlocked with each other. Although the design of the Clipper pneumatic can have a variety of geometric shapes, the operation principle is basically the same: when two parts are buckled, the hook-shaped extension of one of the parts is pushed away by the edge portion of the connected part. Until the end of the hitting edge is completed; and then, by the elasticity of the plastic, the hook-shaped extension is immediately reset, and the groove behind it is immediately embedded by the striking portion of the connected part, and the inverted position is immediately formed. The state of being interlocked with each other.

Garlic Sealing Clips