Problems and Causes Frequently Encountered in Sausage Processing

Dec. 07, 2020

You can find detailed information about the Sausage Clipper Machine on our website. Today, we are going to talk about the frequently encountered problems in sausage processing.

The two basic elements of meat processing are formula and technology, which are complementary and cannot be obtained. The control of the production process is usually ignored by many manufacturers, which often leads to various problems. Temperature is the main thread running through the I-Art control. Temperature control will directly affect the structure, flavor, taste, shelf life and yield of the product. Therefore, temperature control must be regarded as the main factor in the meat production process.

In addition to temperature control, the Sausage Clipper Supplier also analyzed the following common sausage processing problems:

Question 1:

Raw material: The protein content in the connective tissue is too low; the raw tendon is removed. You can use noodle meat instead of back fat, or you can use more tendons for processing.

Processing technology: Excessive mixing will completely destroy the connective tissue framework. It is recommended to lower the mixing temperature. Too strong

Sausage Clipper Machine

Sausage Clipper Machine

Question 2:

Ingredients: The connective tissue protein star is too high; too much skin is added; the lean part of the formula contains too many stars; the amount of water is too little.

Additives: Excessive use of colorants that have the function of lowering the pH value.

Processing technology: When using vacuum crucible machine, the vacuum is too high. The granules are dissolved in the minced meat

Question 3:

Ingredients: The particles are not gluten, and there is not enough fat, especially the edges; the particles are too small.

Processing: The temperature of the particles added to the minced meat is too low, thus forming a moist film layer and losing the adhesion properties of the particles; particle massage is not enough to form a protein film on the surface.

Question 4:

Composition: The granules are not carefully selected and contain excess fat and connective tissue.

Additives: First, the pellets are marinated with a marinade containing a reduced pH.

Processing: Too much water is added to the lean meat, resulting in a large amount of unabsorbed water remaining at the beginning of the particle edge during heating; the particles are processed at extremely low temperatures; the massage roller is too small.

Smoke: The heat treatment temperature is too high and the time is too long.

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