Sausage Clip Tips

Dec. 16, 2020

As a common food, sausage is also a meat food that is welcomed by consumers. It is characterized by delicate meat, fresh, refreshing, easy to carry, easy to eat, and long shelf life. However, if the seal is not tight or the food is not satisfactory, it cannot be eaten. This involves the issue of food sealing. The Sausage Clip is a fastener used to seal the end of the ham. Don't underestimate its effect. It can effectively prevent bacteria from oxidation, destruction and nuisance, and ensure the storage and preservation of ham.

The clip is a matching product of ham sausage and anchor, and is used to seal product packaging. It can make full use of its own product quality advantages. It is a product sealing component, which is widely used for product packaging and sealing. Usually used with Double-Card Sealing Machine. It can be used on both ends of ham sausage, sealant, explosive sealing packaging, etc. It can be a supermarket bulk packaging clip, and its function is to fix a specified type of clip at both ends of the sealing process. The tightness of the clamp is tight enough to ensure the storage function of the medium to be sealed. According to product selection information, clips are divided into plastic clips and aluminum clips. The clip product can be used in the sealing and anchoring packaging of food, and has a two-layer function at the same time, which can ensure product quality and beauty.

So, what do you use to add these food bags and ham sausage? This time, you need a device called a cutting machine.

Sausage Clip

Sausage Clip

Removable sausage cutters generally consist of positioning parts and fasteners. The positioning member is used to guide the clip to the direction of the device smoothly, accurately and quickly when using the device. The function of the fastener is to usually plan to unload the fastener so that when a certain force is applied, the cutting machine will disengage and the two connectors will separate. This trimmer is usually used to connect two parts that are often opened. No need to remove fasteners. If the fastener is skewed, the two parts can be disassembled and used to connect and fix the parts without using parts. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of cutting machines, one is manual cutting machine and the other is Semi-automatic Clipping Machine. Regarding the characteristics of manual shears, mainly include:

1. Novel design, beautiful appearance and novelty.

2. High efficiency and energy saving sealing speed, strong power.

3. Microcomputer control mode, electronic storage function, adjustable power.

4. Touch screen, comfortable hand feeling, simple setting, beautiful and practical.

5. Imported high-power IGBT power module output, overload repair function.

6. The use of high-tech electronic chips, high-brightness digital display, high accuracy, clean reading, no parallax, can be inspected from a distance.