Why Are Sausage Clips Designed This Way

Nov. 16, 2020

A Sausage Clip is a fastener used to seal the ends of a product. The design is compact and flexible, convenient and practical. We can see sausage clips everywhere in our daily life. A sausage clip has many USES. It is a special seal used to seal foods such as sausages. As we all know, ham sausage as a kind of high temperature food, if the seal is not strict can not eat. Sausage clips are widely used in food seals. They are not only beautiful and practical, but also play a key role in food preservation. Sausage clips are widely used by food companies.

There are many types of sausage clips, including ordinary sausage clips, U-Clips and R-clips. They are used to seal products with different requirements and are both attractive and durable.

Sausage clips belong to the category of fasteners. Different types of fasteners are suitable for various light packaging products, such as ham sausage, fruit packaging, garlic packaging, supermarket sealed packaging, edible fungi, anchoring agent and so on. Packaging process of anchoring agent and ham sausage. Sausage clips work smoothly on any manufacturer's card reader and play an important role in product packaging.

Through long-term exploration, research and experiment, the company has developed the independent intellectual property rights of food accessories and various sealing machines, punching machines, sausage clips, aluminum wire and other products. Widely used in all kinds of meat products, fruits, edible fungi, mining, supermarket packaging and other small packaging ligation and sealing. Among them, sausage clip products used together with manual sausage scissors play a key role in effectively ensuring the delicacy and freshness of food.

Sausage Clip

 Sausage Clip

The buckle provides a convenient, fast and economical method of product assembly because the buckle assembly is formed simultaneously during the production of the final product and does not need to be used in conjunction with other locking attachments during assembly. The buckle position can match each other.

Although the buckle can be designed in a variety of geometric shapes, the principle of operation is roughly the same: when two parts are buckled together, part of the hook protruding part will be pushed away by the impact edge part of the connecting part until the impact edge part is completed; Then, by the elasticity of the plastic, the hooked protrusion is immediately restored, and the groove behind it is immediately embedded by the tapping edge of the joint, and the inverted position is immediately formed.

Sausage clip is mainly used in the packing process of high temperature meat food, which can effectively guarantee the storage performance of the sealing medium, and plays an important role in the food packaging. Sausage Clip Suppliers should not be careless in their design, as it relates to people's food safety.