Advantage Of Sausage Clipping Machine

Aug. 24, 2018

With the sausage clipping machineyou can seal all kinds of packaging with a simple rotation of your hand. It is therefore particularly suitable for food production and for meat processing and butchering. The machine is also ideally suited for sealing bags and not only sausage sleeves and nets, whereby both liquid and solid mass can be easily packaged.In China, this semi-automatic clipper Wholesaler is most suitable for mushroom bag packaging The clips are inserted into the rail and slide off during use. During the clipping process, the product, which is to be sealed, is held vertically in position and then the lever is simply pulled downwards. It can close materials up to 8 mm thick. Thanks to a round storage surface, larger bags, nets and covers can be stored. This makes an exact positioning on the clip machine easier. Due to the wide base and the stable construction, the clip machine is always safe and free of vibrations. In addition, the device has been designed to be very robust in order to guarantee a long product life even in daily use. The clip machine has never been used, but it has storage defects in the form of minor optical defects (light rust marks, peeling paint). Of course, the device is fully functional.

· High quality steel

· Easy operation

· including 1000 clips (size (H / W / D): 13.3 x 11.7 x 2.1 mm)

· Factory Second (article may have minor optical impairments)

Sausage Clipping Machine