Small Sausage Clip Makes Ham Sausage More Delicious

Aug. 27, 2018

As a high-temperature food, ham sausage is also a kind of meat food popular among consumers. It is characterized by delicate meat, fresh and refreshing, easy to carry, easy to eat and long shelf life. However, if the seal is not strict, or the food is up, it is not edible. This involves the problem of food sealing. The Shengmao sausage clip is a fastener used for sealing the ends of the ham. Don't look at it small, it The role is very large, effectively preventing oxidation, corruption, free from bacterial harassment, and ensuring the storage and preservation of ham sausage.

Shengmao tipper tie clips is not only beautiful and durable, but also convenient and practical. It is widely praised by customers. The technical indicators of Shengmao buckle exceed the level of the same imported products. Can meet the needs of a variety of punch card machines, complete model specifications. We can also make special-shaped Shengmao buckles and various types of color Great Wall buckles according to customers' needs. Suitable for different types of ham sausage seals. Can meet the needs of different manufacturers.

Sausage Clip