The Use Method And Characteristics Of Manual Sealing Machine

Aug. 19, 2019

Here is a Sausage Clipping Machine Supplier talking about the use method and characteristics of manual sealing machine.

The features of manual sealing machine:

1. New design, beautiful appearance and novelty.

2. High efficiency and energy saving sealing speed, power is strong.

3. Microcomputer control mode, electronic memory function, power adjustable.

4. Touch panel, feel comfortable, simple to set up, beautiful and practical.

5. Imported high-power IGBT power module output, overload protection.

6. Using high-tech electronic chip, high-brightness digital display, high precision, reading cleaning, no parallax, can be observed from a distance.

Safety Sausage Loops

Safety Sausage Loops

The use of manual sealing machine:

1. Turn on the “power switch” of the manual sealing machine. After the “beep” beep sounds, the self-test is completed. At this time, the panel displays two sets of digits, which are 1.0 and 60 respectively, indicating that they have entered the standby state. (Note: The factory setting seal time is 1.0 second and the output power level is 60).

2. Hold the “sealing head” of the manual sealing machine with your hand, put the finger on the sealing head button, and close the sealed bottle mouth to the center of the bottom of the sealing head. Press the button and the machine will beep. The sealing time starts from 1.0 second, and counts down to 00 seconds, then automatically stops counting. After the buzzer sounds, the sealing ends and the sealing time returns to the initial state.

3. Open the bottle cap, check the bottle mouth sealing situation, depending on the bottle mouth sealing situation, usually adjust the "power adjustment button" to make the sealing achieve the best results. Each time the power is added, the power is increased by 10. Each time the power is reduced, the power is reduced by 10. The power can be arbitrarily set between 20 and 90, which is determined according to the size of the bottle and the shape of the bottle. If the best effect of sealing is not achieved when adjusting the power, please lengthen the sealing time appropriately. If the aluminum foil is baked or yellowed, please shorten the sealing time properly. Each time the key is added, the time is increased by 0.1S. Each time the time is reduced, the time is reduced by 0.1S. The time can be set arbitrarily within 0.1S and 2.9S. It is determined according to the size of the bottle and the shape of the bottle.

4. If the work button is pressed, the buzzer will continuously emit a “beep beep” sound, and the sealing time does not count down, indicating that the machine has entered the overcurrent protection state at this time, please find out the cause of the overload and then seal the operation.

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