How Do You Hang Your Hygienic Sausage Loops In The Smokehouse?

Jan. 05, 2019

How do you hang your Hygienic Sausage Loops in the smokehouse? Do you hang them by the knots with the knot up, or opposite with the knot down? Why?

I've tried it both ways and I like putting the knots at the bottom. One, I do not have to worry about the knots slipping and having the sausages fall. Two, I end up with straighter links which package better than a curve of sausage. Trade off is I get more bare sausage from the knot ends touching.

Maybe you can get more in the smoker by hanging knots down to alleviate the twists of the fibers Hygienic Sausage Loops.It seems if i hang knot up the links are curled more and the links touch preventing smoke penetration

Hygienic Sausage Loops