Double-Card Sealing Machine Factory Tells You The Application Of Zinc Stearate In PU Paint

Dec. 28, 2018

The Double-Card Sealing Machine Factory tells you that the application of zinc stearate in PU paint is mainly composed of polyisocyanate and alkyd resin, which is crosslinked by -NCO of curing agent and -OH of alkyd resin. The reaction film formation is a cross-linking and curing type two-component paint, and the PU paint has a high solid content, so the wettability to the powder is good. Therefore, the suitable addition amount of zinc stearate in the PU primer is 2%- 5%, if the amount is too large, it will affect the adhesion and transparency of the primer. In severe cases, it will cause whitening.

Meat Roll Clipper Machine factory tell you the curing is required during the construction of the polyester paint, and the amount of these curing agents accounts for one-third of the total amount of the paint. These curing agents are also known as hardeners and their main component is TDI. These free TDIs turn yellow, causing the furniture paint to turn yellow. Internationally, the limit for free TDI is controlled below 0.5%.

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