How Much Do You Know About the Smoke Meat Chambers?

Nov. 10, 2022

The smoke meat chamber has the standard smoking house, air is circulated 14 times per minute with a specially designed circulating fan. A specially designed mixing chamber enables you to combine low-temperature and high-temperature air, smoke, and low-pressure steam so that the product in the smokehouse can be perfectly processed. Ensures a uniformly cooked product with constant core temperatures and standardized smoked color. In addition, the smoke meat chamber is completely constructed of stainless steel SUS 304 and can be easily cleaned.


smoke meat chamber

smoke meat chamber

Advantages of Meat Smoker Oven:

Consistent quality.

High-velocity airflow.

User-friendly PLC interface screen thermostatic.

Time humidity system.

Cost efficient


The meat smoke chamber ZXL series is built with Swiss ABB electrics, a super size man-machine interface, and Japan Mitsubishi PLC. With the Japan SMC electric magnetism valves and pneumatics built-in, the Sausage smoking chamber can give a relatively stable and reliable operation. The improved high-temperature system of duel-layer flat rows can guarantee a fast temperature rising to 80℃ within only 15 minutes.


The dual hollow glass doors can make you clearly see the product processing. All real-time parameters can be displayed on the screen for your designed presetting. Besides, it's specialty and proprietary fumigating structure make the products have a uniform color.


You can use the smoked meat chamber to produce your own smoked meats, sausage, jerky, poultry, wild game, or seafood with old-fashioned goodness and aromatic natural smoke flavor.


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