How to Use Food Plastic Vacuum Packaging Bags Correctly?

May. 12, 2020

Plastic food vacuum packaging bags are a kind of food packaging bags with high cost performance on the market. They have many advantages such as light weight, various specifications, easy printing, good air tightness and low cost. If you want food plastic vacuum packaging bags to play its advantages, of course, you must master the correct method of use, so how to use food plastic vacuum packaging bags correctly? Please keep in mind the following three points of use. Double clipper semi-automatic factory shares with you.

1. Storage of food plastic vacuum packaging bags:

Food plastic vacuum packaging bags are suitable for storage in cold and ventilated places, not in direct sunlight or wet places.

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2. Applicable scope of food plastic vacuum packaging bags:

Vacuum packaging bags can be divided into vacuum packaging bags and inflatable vacuum packaging bags. Foods such as rice, multigrain, sausages and grilled chicken are suitable for vacuum packaging bags, and like some fragile foods or foods with sharp corners are suitable for Inflatable vacuum packaging bags, like puffed food.

3. Vacuum operation of food plastic vacuum packaging bags:

When placing food in the vacuum packaging bag, be careful not to stick grease and food residues on the sealing part, so as not to affect the adhesion of the sealing.

It is necessary to control the temperature and time during the heat treatment to avoid excessive pressure inside the packaging bag caused by excessive temperature, which may cause the seal of the packaging bag to separate and rupture.

When the food plastic vacuum packaging is evacuated, choose a suitable vacuum machine, set a suitable evacuation time, try to evacuate the air as far as possible, to prevent the remaining gas from causing the food in the vacuum packaging bag to spoil.

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