Function Of Mesh Onion Bags

Nov. 15, 2021

Onion mesh bags not only protect the onion so that the onion in the process of transport is not affected by the collision, impact, and other damage, but they're also are some other USES, today I tell you about the onion mesh bags of other USES.

Mesh Onion Bags

Mesh fruit Bags

Wash dishes and chopsticks

Put the fruit net on your hand, then squeeze a little dishwashing liquid on the net (not too much) and wipe the dishes after you wet them. A little dishwashing liquid can make the net cover up a lot of bubbles, the grease in the bowl can be wiped off.

Fruit net cover is hollow out, the face that added friction in the process of wiping, the frictional force is big, the foam that produces is more, such dish bowl can wipe very clean, and the essence that uses wash clean is not much also.

Filter water for soap

Soap used for a long time, the box will often accumulate a lot of water, as long as the fruit net set in the soapbox, and then put the soap on the net set above, the net set can be separated from the contact between the soapbox, the water can be easily filtered down, and the net set can suck the excess water on the soap, let the soap keep dry.

Washable sink

We can use a fruit net to cover clean wash one's hand's stage, the fruit net that has the soap is covered takes out, does not need to add any cleaner additionally, can wipe a lot of bubbles, can wipe thoroughly wash one's hands stage clean.

mesh bags

Can be used as a heat shield

Put foam net cover on the table to act as a heat insulation pad, put again the tableware that holds boiling hot food, can prevent scald table.

It can be used as a non-slip mat

Chair cushion will often fall from the chair, try to put the foam net cover under the cushion, can very good anti-slip!

Still can cushion in chair foot place each net is covered, prevent slippery again avoid cut the floor, kill two birds with one stone really.

Can put eggs

Foam net cover will not only protect the fruit but also protect the fragile eggs, take eggs out of the door no longer afraid of eggshell broken!

Looked at the above onion net bag of other USES, it is found that the onion net bag has other functions! If you want to get some, please contact us now  ^v^