Features And Advantage Of Sausage Clipping Machine

Sep. 15, 2018

Mechanism Automatic Double Clipper of Sausage Clipping Machine is connected mechanically and electrically

to the any vacuum stuffer or pneumatic stuffer. The voiding separator provides

portions of precise weight, which are clipped as single sausages or rings. Trend-

setting safety standards are guaranteed with the two-handed trigger operation

required to start the first clip.

Automatic Double Clipper series built with the Japan Panasonic servo motor as the

drive system, the man-machine interface from Taiwan and the Japan Mitsubishi PLC.

sausage clipper machine is designed with the state-of-the-art forced wire-feed mechanism, featuring precise

and clear action.


Ranked as Top Leader in China in terms of productivity and equipment faults.Tough stainless steel Design construction guarantee extensive machine life.Ensures resistance to aggressive cleaning.

Controlled electronically via a PLC and servo-frequency inverter.Easy touch means simple and convenient machine operation.Friendly user interface makes the machine control easier.

Operator is quided intuitively through the flat menu structure with informative

and can easily control the complete machine at the touch of a finger.Programs set of parameters easily managed screen and settings speed up productchange rapidly.

Sausage Clipping Machine

Sausage Clipping Machine