bag opening machine

Product Description

Bag Opening Machine

Automatic bag opening is an important part of the packaging work process, and automatic bag opening machine is the most effective solution.

The bag opening machine is a bag opener with fan motor for fast packing and filling. Consists of a stainless steel body, suitable for food contact and easy to clean. The bags with hook holes are very easy to change and the constant airflow makes it easy to open them one by one.

With two-speed motor, adjustable rails for easy filling.

The characteristics of bag opening machines

1. Full air control working mode, safe and reliable.

2. Super high loading efficiency

3. The machine is small in size, free of installation and suitable for mobile site layout

4. Make food-grade sanitary materials, and clean them quickly and easily.

The machine's heavy duty construction and food grade 304 stainless steel models are perfect for packaging a wide range of products, such as chickens, ducks, geese and poultry parts, etc. Features: Hocking and bagging of poultry Quick and smooth operation. Come and contact us!