4 Effective Tips For Opening Sausage Casing Clip

Jul. 28, 2021

Everyone likes to eat sausages, but the most annoying thing is to open sausages casing. The plastic packaging with sausage clips on both ends took so many people a long time to peel it off. Accidentally applying too much force will destroy the integrity of the sausage. So is there a better way to remove the sausage casing clip?

sausage casing clips

 sausage casing clips

1. With the help of a knife

Use a knife to make a cut horizontally under the sausage clip on one end of the sausage. Then pinch the aluminum ring and pull it down towards the other end, which can also open the sausage casing completely.


2. With the help of teeth

Biting with teeth is also very methodical, and you can't bite casually. Many people are used to biting the sealing clip with their teeth, which is not only bad for the teeth, but also very difficult. Use your teeth to bite the smooth side of one end of the sausage, not the part with the sealing tape. In this way, only a small bite can be easily turned over to pull down the sausage cover, and peel a complete sausage.

clips on sausage casings

clips on sausage casings

3. Rotate the sausage from the middle

It is only used to eat sausages at home, because the sausages taken out do not look good. Hold the sausage with both hands, and then unscrew it from the middle like a handkerchief. In this way, the sausage can be opened easily without any tools, but it is not suitable to be used to make a complete sausage dish.


4. With the help of toothpicks

You only need to use a toothpick to penetrate one end of the sausage next to the aluminum ring, and then rotate the toothpick half a turn to open a hole. Then pinch the sealing ring and pull it down towards the other end of the plastic seal to completely open the sausage.


In fact, it is very simple to open the sausage. As long as you have some patience and good use of the small props around you, you can easily open any food package. As a Sausage Casing Clip Supplier, I would like to share with you the above tips, hoping to help you who are worried about not opening the sausage casing clip.