What Are The Advantages Of Pneumatic Clippers?

Jul. 16, 2020

Let's follow the Clipper Pneumatic Wholesaler to learn about the advantages of the pneumatic clipper?

Application fields of pneumatic clipper:

The C16 and C11 clamps are designed for any industry that requires a secure clamp to close. They are very suitable for difficult packaging applications, such as commercial explosives or large gauge polyethylene or soil in burlap. Fertilizers in mesh plastic bags or multi-layer bags. Liquid or powder chemicals in drums or plastic bags. Net wrap for production.

Pneumatic Clipper Machine

Pneumatic Clipper Machine

Advantages of pneumatic clippers:

The faders can grip and close difficult packaging materials such as burlap, plastic, multilayer laminates, and heavy packaging.

Aluminum Clip Wire Manufacturer pointed out that this pneumatic manual gate cutters can close and cut heavy-duty woven acrylic and polyethylene plastic bags, plastics, multilayer laminates, and heavy-duty packaging step by step. They help the operator to collect the neck of the bag before clamping to safely seal the product bag, thereby increasing production volume and efficiency.