The features of semi-automatic double clipper machine

Jun. 25, 2018

There are two options for this semi-automatic double clipper machine to meet customer requirements, that one is single speed with servo motor controlling system and the other is five speeds adjustable. It is developed independently by Shengmao and we invested heavily on its unique mechanical driving system which obtained many national patents. Connected to sausage filler, by closing sausages in artificial casing with aluminum clips, it will help producers to make an automatic manufacturing line. The original aluminum wire clips from Shengmao and together with sausage clipping machine guarantee top quality, efficient, trouble-free production.

Features and characters of semi-automatic double clipper machine:

1. A new era of aluminum wire clipping machine.

2. Different types of molds and aluminum wires are available.

3. Double vacuum filling horns system for changing of casing easily.

4. Easy connected with various stuffing filling machines to realize automatic production.

5. Quipped with automatic counting and cutting system, about 0-9 ties adjustable.

6. Automatic oil lubrication system to release the work of maintance.

7. Quick clipping speed can reach 84/120times/min

8. Easy change of clip without tools.

9. Stainless steel structure and excellent surface treatment make for easy cleaning.

The features of semi-automatic double clipper machine