Sausage R Clips Can Be Reused

Jun. 15, 2018

R Clips are commonly used to fix the ends of round shafts such as shafts and U-shaped pins. The straight leg of the R Clips is pushed into a hole near one end of the shaft until the middle of the other bent leg has a semicircular "abdomen", the curved leg of the R clamp grips the side of the shaft to resist removal from it The R-clip in the hole. To help with the insertion, the ends of the bent legs are angled to the straight leg. The sloping end rides on the side of the shaft and opens the "belly" port so as to pass through the widest portion of the shaft when the R-clip is inserted. When there is a need for a wider range of suitable shafts, there are also double-loop variations. It also distributes pressure more evenly to extend its service life. Sausage R Clips are functionally similar to split pins and branch pins. Compared to split needles, they are easier to remove and can be reused.

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Sausage R Clips