Calcium Stearate Is Prepared By Reacting Ammonium Chloride With Lime In a Sausage Clipping Machine

Nov. 23, 2018

The method of reacting ammonium chloride with lime by Sausage Clipping Machine to obtain calcium stearate to produce high-purity calcium stearate by using lime and stearic acid is to use ammonium chloride solution and lime, and is made by digestion, steaming ammonia and ammonia water. , filtration, saponification, metathesis reaction and other processes to achieve. The invention is characterized in that ammonium chloride is reacted with lime to prepare calcium stearate, and all the ammonium chloride solution obtained after the metathesis reaction and filtered is returned to each reaction system. The method of the present invention has the advantage of making full use of the heat in the recovered ammonium chloride, thereby saving the energy used in the production, and adding the selected materials at a low price, thereby significantly reducing the production cost.

Sausage Clipping Machine